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How to vectorize your artwork

Turning logos and fonts into vectors is essential to getting the best print quality. Here’s how to do it in Adobe Illustrator.


Unless you are using digital printing, your artwork will need to be in vector format so that it can be made into a print plate. Vectorizing an image transforms it from individual pixels to smooth lines and shapes.

1 Select your artwork

Select your embedded artwork using the Direct Selection tool.

2 Trace your image

Click Image Trace in the Control Panel. If the default preset isn't quite right, you can customize it from the Image Trace panel:

  1. Open the Image Trace panel Window › Image Trace.
  2. Adjust the options, and click Trace

Tip: To eliminate the white background from your artwork, check Ignore Whites in the Image Trace panel. Image Trace Advanced Ignore Whites

3 Expand

When you are happy with the image trace results, click Expand in the Control Panel. Now your artwork is ready to be turned into a print plate!

Tip: We like to use the View Outlines tool to see all of the objects and fonts outlined and ensure that everything is in ship shape. To view outlines, follow this path from the toolbar: View › Outline

Or, just try this shortcut! Mac: Cmd+Y PC: Ctrl+Y