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Low-Density Polyethylene

Lightweight, flexible, tear resistant, waterproof plastic film.


LDPE film is an industry standard for both inner bags and poly mailers, so it’s usually easy to come by and it's often the cheapest option. It’s lightweight, so it doesn’t add too much cost to shipping. Aesthetically, the opaque, non-porous, white base makes printed colors appear more vibrant, plus matte and gloss options are available.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of plastic film ends up in landfills, so if sustainability is a priority, look into paper-based packaging, since paper is recyclable curbside.

Why choose it?

  • Thin film is low volume and lightweight for shipping

  • Clear or white options. White is a good for printing bright colors

  • Gloss and matte finish options

  • Range of recycled content available for white LDPE film, up to 50%

Why not choose it?

Examples of items using Low-Density Polyethylene